An Eggshellant post


While considering ‘cooking’ times for an egg, or rather sous vide times… I pondered.

The theory on poaching an egg corroborated with the hot spring cooking method from Japan.  The story is that the Japanese master would drop an egg in before going out for a jog and come back to a perfectly poached egg.

This sounds wonderful, and of course I had to string out the details and extend the thought.

This idea is about time, distance, energy and a few other variables.

A master drops the eggs in the hot spring and goes for a run.  If he is weak, he will return in quick fashion.  Time really isn’t an issue for a run in actuality.  Energy, power and intention are.  Those eggs will be fine where they sit.  Now, if that Master comes back after a short time/distance, then those eggs will be gooey and the proteins more digestible.

If the master is ‘stronger’ or in a more meditative state that requires his energy and contemplation, maybe that run takes a longer ‘time’… or distance – same expression whether he is thinking and walking or running.  When he returns the eggs are far more ‘cooked’ and the proteins have sythesized into something more ‘bonded’ and structured.  The eggs ‘are’ different.

If however, the superior master is out for a stroll, and he spends the entire day ‘wandering/wondering’ and he comes back, that egg will be fully ‘cooked’ and the digestion will occur differently.

The strongest master will have the bowels/baal digest the ‘egg/ego’ during the night/sleep/darkness.  His own energy is fueling him, he is a dynamo during the light.  The lesser master, ‘needs’ the energy from that egg – and when he returns to a gooey egg, he is able to assimilate and digest that egg in a quicker fashion, which translates into energy for his day.

If the story hasn’t been extrapolated in your mind in a myriad directions – you are a gooey egg eating master.  Continue your journey of eating ‘those eggs’ and soon you will not ‘need’ to eat an egg – Strive to be the master that needs not consume an egg during the day…..or night.


Do you Care to be ahead?


Care is CAR(E) or carry.  It is ARC E.  E being energy.  So when you CARE for something, you CARRY it or move the car/arc energy for it. 

It is interesting.  When you are trying help someone with their ship/arc and their ‘false-driver’-ego gets in the way and yells and navigates the ship how ‘it’ sees fit, it is a difficult process to subjegate that influence.  The ego is a crazy/mad/luny driver – thus the ties into darkness/night/eve.  The pirate of the vessel has taken over, and somehow you must convince the pirate it is in their best interest to take your advice, or follow you.  Maybe that is the way…as a pirate always wants to follow a vessel with prizes aboard to plunder its contents.  A pirate is a vampire.  Vampiric behavior is akin to the pirate.  I told you all awhile ago that I would give the analogy of Dracula…. and I think it was correct that I waited, seeing as I have unveiled a few more connections of cognition. 

Lifting weights and raising a flag or fixing a ship can be extremely taxing and difficult, but the initial burdens are nothing compared to soveirgnity of a captains life.  The burdens aren’t even trouble to those that comprehend their value in becoming a Chief.  A Chief of a tribe is voted in by because they are a MAstar of all they purvey.  If they are not the most compitent, they are quickly removed from the seat.  They have properly earned their position a head the tribe.  They are not A TOP of the tribe, they are ahead.  These are 2 distinctly different things.  When you are off to bed and lying down, the head isn’t necessarily the top (as a side note, the NOSE should be…the nose knows gnosis)…  Even when you are the head standing up, the feet or arms may be ‘first’ or ‘ahead’.  This doesn’t remove the distinction of ‘who’ is in charge.  The idea of being on top is an ignorant one, as the pressure from the weight atop burdens what is below.  The view from atop is an interesting 3d/4d dynamic.  One deals with space, the other ‘percieved’ time.  As you are atop something and you can see space, you are at a peak of power in physical ideals.  However, a 4d time position of being ‘ahead’ shows that the time can be altered, therefore the space ‘behind’ can be adjusted.  Time trumps space in a certain sense.  I say this loosely.  The position of being ahead, trumps the percieved power postion of being atop.  Ahead is 4d, atop is 3d.  There is much more to see from 4d.

There are many mispellings – and corrections I have to make to this post, but the message should be clear enough until i come back and correct it.


Inflammation. R.I.C.E. = BACK-WORDS


This is a continuation on the last post about ICE.

Let us consider what inflammation. IN FLAME ation.  Flame=Fire=PHI-R

Why the hate on a body’s natural response?  Why not encourage it and even promote it further?

I have always detested ice on my injuries.  Instinctually, my body didn’t want it, and I preferred heat always for my sports injuries despite the recommendations to the opposite.

Any alchemist knows what heat does, what flames and fire does….  It burns off dross and impurities.  You can ‘make’ fire with friction – there is no limit to the ‘speed’ at which something vibrates- but there does seem to be suggested that there is an absolute zero, or better, a point of non-movement.  Even if you accept the notion that there is a starting point, there is NO end point.

Why does an injury in-flame?  it seems like it’s the bodies natural response to induce healing – as the body/cells always want to heal and self-regenerate.  We just get in the way with our wild notions of ways to ‘fix’ and ‘control’ processes.

If we consider what the Pharmacists are- poison makers, we would be quick to consider why we’d be told to ‘restrict’ and slow down healing.  Speaking of quick- how about quack.  The word quack, which is so often slung towards non-doctors comes from quacksalver, or quicksilver – meaning mercury.  Mercury is the poison that is put in so many drugs that poison the hue-man temple.  Interesting that the ones who throw the mud are the ones covered in it.

I don’t know how much more sleep will be part of my methods.

What about the tones of sirens?  We all know of the healing that takes place through frequency – how about the poisoning?  Why do phones have such an annoying tone, or alarm clocks….?   Alarm clock – All Arm C lock  or L ARM SEA LOCK    arm/ram/mar – alarms MARS EL.

Since everything seems to be upside down or back-words, or a mirrored reflection, or opposite – we might start with the notion that even our most common held beliefs need rotating 180.

R.I.C.E  Rest Ice Compress Elevate.     Every single thing there is a dead-end, completely back-words.  You don’t want to rest an injury, you want to increase life-force and blood flow there to speed healing.  You don’t want ice, it slows down the process – you want phi-r.  You don’t want to compress and restrict flow of blood and nutrients and healing – you want to increase flow both in and out.  You don’t want to Elevate the injury, this drains blood and causes gravity to work against the process- you want gravity to assist in getting blood to and from the site.   Consider why people fall down when they get hurt.  Not only is the SOIL/SOUL there – there is the HELL/HEEL/HEAL and PHI-R contained within the UR-th. UR-means fire.  The GROUND of the electrical connection to assist in the healing.  Why do you think mud packs/clay are healing?…. because they have electrical healing properties, negative ionic bonding action that pulls positively charged (excited!) particle out of the body.  Think what the body does when it responds to an injury= it gets local excitement, which needs a discharge.  Get this through grounding.

Be easy


…should I go on?  Cayenne (capsicum) Ginger and Turmeric are all advised for inflammation and circulation issues.  They are all warming.   Isn’t it obvious?  You want energy to fix a stagnation/blockage of energy.  Heat is energy.  Ice is stagnation of flow.  To take it to another level – this is why you have to circulate your mooney/currency/ISIS-$ to access more of it.  There is no reason to hoard and sit on mooney.  Just as the moon comes and goes in the sky with it’s energy and healing modalities – use it or lose it.  If you use it though, you can access more freely.


Ice Isis


I could go on a long rant about the whole etymological significance of this, but rather I will just give you a little hint.

Ice is only found in certain areas.  It is generally ‘unfit’ for living.  You can’t ‘make’ ice.  You can only ‘reform’ water into ice – but it wants to get back to it’s flowing state.  Just as steam rises or evaporation occurs, only to fall again to water….

There is a book I noticed the title of, and I didn’t even need to read it.  It was obvious.  Ice shouldn’t be used on injuries.  Ice isn’t some great alchemical transmutation caused by the practitioner, whereas a plant material can be reconstituted to form a healing module.

Ice does nothing but restrict – slow down.  Sure, it may ‘dull’ pain, but it only slows the process or health.

Of the many anomalies of water, one that is significant here is that water expands after it freezes, whereas other materials get smaller.

Consider from an empty mind, what the process and significance of water being froze has – and consider your body is essentially water.

Everyone shouts about R.I.C.E and putting ice on an injury, but it’s NEVER been found to help anything, and naturally this should be obvious.  Look around you.  Unless its winter, when things are ‘dormant’ and ‘lifeless’ you see now ice.  Why would you ‘treat’ yourself to ice?

I am not ‘against’ Ice or Isis at all.  Ice cubes in a lemonade on a hot summer day, or sliding off a can of beer on the beach sound perfect, but lets innerstand it’s place.


Much Newness on the burner….


Sitting, relaxing to some Petestrumentals.  Actualizing some realizations.  So, you are you.  And, you have always, in all ways been you.  Yesterday, you were you….and you are you now, and tomorrow, you will continue to be you – then during your best and during your worst you have always been you….then how can you explain duality?

I suppose i could continue on this thought but it seems this idea should encapsulate it well enough.



My “New” Dictionary


I’ll give you the scoop on how I came across it later.  I have a bunch of ideas running around right now.

This will beleaned up, but I just wanted to get this down for whoever’s reading.  

1930 Webster’s.  I am going to start a new blog devoted entirely to a word of the day.  I will open up the dictionary and wherever it may fall, I will find a word to convey to all of you.  It will probably turn into a couple….

Today I opened up to Eccentric.  I never knew it had anything to do with a circle.  I haven’t looked at a current dictionary, but I assume it still has the meaning….  : A circle not having the same center as another contained in some measure within it….

Then I glance over and see Ebenezer and Ebionite.  Ebonite is a bowling ball.  An Ebionite is a sect of heretics who denied the divinity of christ.  Influenced later by the Essence and Gnostics.  Interesting to say the least.  Bowling Ba’al.  Pins-PEN’s.  I think you can unearth some interesting connections here.  As i am writing these words, the red squiggly of error appears under The E words.  

I may dive into the whole thing and just explain it on the new blog including most of the Bowling Analogy via others and some of my own interpretations.  But the clues are already there – Length of the lane…Maybe the width or number of boards…Surely the Ball…Pins…Oil on the lane…

Have a wonderful EVEning.