I was so excited to post this, sorry if its sloppy, I think you’ll understand!

…and it all is much clearer with a flat earth.  Just like that.  Most, if not all of the same spiritual and esoteric knowledge remains, but it becomes some much easier and simpler to explain and verify.

I’m gonna have to make a video with drawings in it so that it is clear.  I’m laughing at this point.  I’m bridging together conscious mind, subconscious automated response mechanics, realms, worlds, earth(s), esoteric and occult knowledge…’s endless.  It really satisfies a very, very sound T.O.E – Theory of Everything.

It all webbed together when I raised from slumber and I couldn’t piece my dream together.  I listened to R.A.W. Robert Anton Wilson and a few things fell into place.  Then another couple things followed, then a couple words.

The words were – universe and torment.  Then I deciphered a person that I decoded that I always knew was ‘fraud’ and found a statement that was just magical.

Sigmund Freud.  We can do this two ways. Both are accurate.  Sig Mund means literally, Sig – as in signature in shortened form and Mund means to have power over or legal guardianship.  And Freud is simply Fraud.  So his name means legal power over name, fraud.  In just speaking it, you get  Sick-Mind Fraud.  What was he, what did you do?  He was a psychologist that told people that they have a sick mind.  I always knew he was a ‘fraud’ but I couldn’t see his first name.

Even his first name Sigmund is from Norse mythology in which Sigmund is the one ‘who pulls the sword from the stone’.  The sword you should know is words. It’s an anagram.  And the stone is the S-tone.  So he pulled the S tone and S, snake energy from the pit and produced the tone through a sword/words. – but as you can see his s-tones are fraud to make you feel like your mind is broken.

Torment comes from Tor-ment.  Ment has always meant mind.   Tor is Toor, Root, Tore, Tora, Tire, Rite –  all of these have the same circle spinning meaning. I’ve touched on this one many times in my earlier posts.  Tor as in Toroidal meaning spinning field.  So, the mind is spinning or in a vortex.  This has to do with Dual poles and a spinning globe earth.  The ‘no spin zone’ huh?  That is what you want.  A flat earth provides that.  A stable place to make contact with ‘zero point energy’ or some sort of grounding with a mental principle.  A single Pole provides for a Tesla coil and all the energy that radiates from it.

These are all lessons in themselves, but to many this will be just a next expansion, while to others it will offer a ‘quest.’  I will try and expound on these things, but it really is as simple as that.

Your SPINE is your SINGLE POLE PENIS – see PENIS/SPINE  and you use the EARTH to GROUND yourself.  Your head is the FIRMAMENT.  FIRM MIND.  The energy that RADIATES in a TESLA COIL is from a SINGLE POLE out to the FIRMAMENT of your own head, or the DOME around FLAT EARTH.  Even if we consider a dual pole of sun/moon and what you call +/-  it still is RATIATING ONE ENERGY to the PLANET.

Clean your waters of your mind with DISTILLED water so that the SALT that CUBES and MIRRORS REFLECTIONS in a DISTORTED way becomes clear.  The SUN has NO SALT in it.  CLEAN WATER HAS NO SALT in it.

Once you totally clean your TEMPLE, if you CHOOSE to put salt in it to see what happens, go for it.  But, I doubt you will want to clog up your CHANNELS of LIGHT.

The statement –  Yoga is the Science of the East and Science is the Yoga of the West – is just handsome.  Yoga means Yo or to bind.  In the classical view of Yoga as an art, it is a subjugation of the mind and body to the spirit.   When we see Science/Zion/Noise as the ‘master’ we can conclude that the ‘matter/ma’at/material’ world is the master of the Yoga, meaning it yolks your life and mind and spirit to it.  This is what chaos is.  The science which is the noise, is in charge, and the chaos that it spits forth engulfs the mind the body and the spirit.

When you flip it around and see that Yoga, as the Spirit which yoke the mind and body, then the science bends to it.  As, the chaotic, science/noise/zion is secondary to the spirit and desire of mind and manifestation.

One of my greatest teachers which I love dearly, kept saying that salt is good and that ‘universe’ meant united in conflict.  Neither resonated with me.  I’ve discussed salt in depth at various times, and only now have I actually looked at ‘universe’ myself.  Uni-Verse Means Single Verse or One Line.  Uni-Versus means Single Dual/Duel or what is United in Conflict!   A UNI-VERSE is a SINGLE POLE.

This leads completely into Flat Earth Theory and all of the Realm knowledge and spiritual teachings of ‘realities sitting atop each other’ to make complete sense.  I will have to draw this out, but it is so very obvious to me what the Sun and Moon are and what the Firmament is, and what the ice walls are!  Even what energy/Kundalini/Chi/Prana/Electricity are!

What does this condense down to?

Your mind is just perfect the way it is!  Sure, you can learn to observe it, meditate, and tame it so that it better serves you, but you are growing.

The body is in need of the same instruction.  It is fine the way it is, but you can improve it.

The dual mind and dual pole system is obsolete.

From there we attempted a Trinary, 3 fold system.  This was better perhaps.

The idea that there is light and darkness is just non-sense.  The sun is ALWAYS there.  It doesn’t turn off.  Just as the Moon is always there, if we accept it is not an illusion or refection of the sun…. So if in any way we have a two pole system it is only a two pole system of both being quality positive choice, one of mother one of father.  One is hot light the other is cold light.

Or, we see the earth as Mother, and the Sun as Father and Moon maybe is just a ‘sister’ to the earth, or a reflection of.  It matters little as the system seems to be single pole.

And, if it is a 2 pole system, those poles ARE NOT in conflict.

It is the saying that opposites attract – that is a myth.

It is the saying ‘opposite sexes’ – this is a myth as well, it is ‘COMPLIMENTARY sexes’  they have to be complimentary or they wouldn’t fit.

Who is Mithra by the way?

I just looked it up and would you believe that Mithra/ MYTH RA means ‘to bind or obedience – so it means YOLK or YOGA.  So, Mithra can encode a something such as bound to a myth, or bind to ra/sun – you can weave your own design here, but basically it tells us that we may be yoking ourselves to either good or bad myths which influence our realities.

Mithra was protector of the cattle.  Seems quite ‘sun-god’ to me.

I know often it appears I’m going on a tangent, but when you try to lay out this story to people, it is gigantic, all you have to do is find one thing that resonates and says to you yes – that is the truth, and then from there, the rest of what I say will fit right in.

You see, we are all putting together the great puzzle.  A puzzle isn’t linear or have any type of ‘mathematical’ order, but once one of the pieces sets into place and you see the other corner of the board with someone putting pieces in for you, you ‘know’ that those pieces fit.

Have a fun day!


Myths, Magic, Self-Substantiation, Creator, Flat Earth, Degrees of Awakeness


There were a few major moments of shaking my head and others of an influx of all the emotions.

Flat Earth.

I have known fully that just about everything we are fed from the moment we are born (enfamile, similac, fake lights in a hospital, sterile environment, santa…etc.) are either outright lies or myths or some sort of propaganda.  Little side not- enfamile means half-family and simi-lack …that’s too obvious.

They Live, by John Carpenter.  And, if you’re into my much earlier work – JC (John Carpenter, Jesus Christ, Jim Carrey remember the movies he was in?, John Cena, Julius Cesar cesar salad fish god anyone?, Jim Chavizel who’d he play?, John Carter)  the list is much too long to explain the outword expression of a fish god, fisher king enigma and archetype.

The myths aren’t just served piping hot through the media/medes/magi(seemingly black/saturnian/dark arts) but through the state run schooling system, Religions, NASA/NSA/NAZI etc., pharma (pharm a que to kill), poisoning of the food and waters (fluoride/floor ride) while they smile on Television (tell lies to your vision) telling your GMO is good for you, to all bureaucracy and so on and on and on….

I could see these things, as many can.  But, for some reason, I didn’t even think to consider Flat Fucking Earth.  It was too ridiculous.  I stopped and looked.

What in the actual fuck have I been listening to?  Watch a couple videos.

Would it be cliche to say I dare YOU?   I’ll leave some here.

Yeah, I knew our reality was skewed and adjusted, but then I stopped and loooked.

Start Here        heres’ a Urine Therapy Guy I love on it for real   if these aren’t enough find the one on fake clouds and see some videos of clouds going in front and behind the moon.

The earth seems almost certainly to be flat.  All the visual clues suggest it.  All the proofs for it seem quite sound, and to top it off with I don’t really trust a word out of NASA anyway…

Or is this the next big conspiracy?

I stopped and thought…meditated, considered….

And, my conclusion was something along the lines of..

I hit the Ice wall.

Of all the ways to try and ‘wake people up’

I mean it appears to me that there still is some strange shit going on.

But, it lead me to re-doubling my ideas of Magic, Imagination, Currency, Creation and so much more.

I mean, I’ve personally destroyed the notion that you can’t live without food for more than a few days.  I fasted for 40 on just water.

I dispelled the myth that you can’t consume your own urine, or that if you did it is somehow sick or unhealthy, I did a 3 day urine only fast and not only didn’t die, but came out more advanced in all parts of myself.

I have dispelled and broken apart the language and spelling for a long time, and so I try to offer these ideas, and notions to people so that they can reprogram their reality and see into the deception of the dark magicians who want to prey on you and consume your energy.

This flat earth thing though, damn.

So, all this consumption culture.  Our belief that we need protein from a carcass of our brother and sisters- the animals, that we don’t even have the decency to slaughter ourselves, and somehow discredit vegetarian cultures that have been around for as long as can be conceived…

The possibility for people to understand, overstand, then innerstand the scope of the myths they have bought is the first goal.  It was spoon fed from our of training and programming from day 1, but the depth of the mental, physical, psychological, and biological manipulation has been really concreted into this space suit, while the spirit is deadened to be able to express it self fully…yet..

All of the notions of how did we get here, are slightly quelled.  We are here.  What’s out there is pointless, if we can’t even see what’s in here.

If this is broken down to just the psychology of it all, to the brain and its dual pole reality, then this place is what it is, and there is nothing more to be concerned with.  The spirit doesn’t exist, the soul is meaningless, there is nothing after death and we just all suffer silently and screaming together on this ‘Global/Glow Ba’al) controlled planet.


Magic and wonder are all there is.  That there is only 1 single pole and that we can climb that pole out the top of our heads and the top of the ‘snow-globe/flat earth/firmament(meaning firm mind)’ that sits atop us.  We get out of our heads and become magicians of the highest degree.  We bring down our ideas and wonder from our heart and spirit and pull it into this ‘realm’…into our space.

What’s left? What’s right?  I’ve never really believed in good or bad dichotomy, so maybe we can all learn to play together on this thing.

Maybe somehow, each of us individually, can de-program the matrix of control and hypnosis, and become our own magicians.  We can then produce an idea that will be whatever we want our desire, and we will Create that earth/plane/realm that we most want and desire in our hearts and spirits.

Maybe we can polish our own selves and radiate so much light, that, just as a sun does, we spit out our own reality.

It seems that the Flat Earth Idea, got me out of Polar thinking.  Yes, it is still there to an extent.  But, the idea of one single Pole, One single mind, the observer behind the thoughts….that have always resonated with me, with all of us, might be a key idea.

The sun is a single pole.  Not a dual pole.  It has one mind and one purpose.  It is Sol.  It is Soul.  It is Singular.

It doesn’t rise in the east and set in the west.  It is always there.  It doesn’t turn ON then OFF.

Maybe we can learn to do this.  It seems to me that we can.

Become your own self-sufficient, self-generator, of self-substantiation…A King/Queen/ God/Goddess, Ruler of Realms, Magician, Shaman.

To be honest though… .You might have to start drinking your own piss, oh and loving yourself.  : )


Zen’s 30/60/90 Lunatic Fast


Today marks the end of day 1 of this fast.  It’s kinda day 3 but I ate a piece of toast before bed so I could help to force out my birthday ingestion.  I’m probably near my lower end of weight spectrum at 146 right now, as I have been around 173 most of my life.  I’ve fasted many times before, and a few recent 5-10 day stints in the past 3 months.

This one is gonna be totally immersed.

You probably won’t believe it possible what I’m going to describe, but this has something to do with some other writing I’ll put together….that you are and have always been a Magician/god/creator call it what you like.

I’m trying to show you to prove what is possible and what energy really is.

Energy is Imagination.

I’m going to disprove the myth of consuming urine for extended periods.

I’m going to disprove the protein/calorie myth.

I’m going to disprove the thought that strength can’t be gained without food.

I’m going to prove telekinesis.

I’m going to prove and improve perceived human potential.

I’m going to increase my strength, my brain capacity, my overall capacity for activity while fasting without eating.


Here’s the fast and i’ll give you starting points and link to a youtube with my improvements.

First off I’m using 30 days, 60 days and 90 days for points of adjustment.

For 30 days, I will only be consuming liquids.  These liquids will mostly be in order, Distilled water, Urine/Orin, Juice, Coffee, Shilajit

I’m going to go with my feelings and will keep track as to what and how much I’m consuming.  I don’t drink much coffee at at all, but I want to leave it as an idea that I may consider.  Also, the Juice will be all probably be kept to a minimum, but we will see as I experiment.

I will be consuming no Inorganic Salt.  I haven’t really consumed much salt in many months anyway.

I will be practicing the Wim Hof Method everyday.

I will be practicing Ido Portal’s animal movements.

I will be massaging myself with Aged Urine daily, at least once.

I will be running/walking and keep track of the distance and maybe time.

I will be practicing calestenics

I will be practicing pandiculation

I will be practicing isometric as well as plyometric exercises

I will be practicing tai chi

I will be sungazing every day I can

I will be moongazing ever day I can

There will be some stuff to add,  as I’m probably just going to write this out on paper, as I think it will have more of an impact, and then transfer it to here.

My current body weight is 145, and I do assume I’ll get down to 138 or so at my base weight without much fat.  I’m 5′ 10 3/4″.  I don’t have much of an idea as to which way my weight will go from there.  I know my strength will increase and I know my size will increase, but I don’t know if my weight will go up or down from there.  I have a sneaking feeling that I may continue to lose weight, but will be in every way stronger, more flexible and be larger in size.  It will be a very confusing thing for most of you to comprehend.

I will add to this later and give you my feelings as to why.

There are a bunch of other things that will be happening that are secondary effects of fasting, such as lucid dreaming, astral projection and detoxing of my internal organs

I’ll see how soon I can get some videos done and put on youtube.

I really just wanted to get this written down, and will expand on this all later.

Magic is energy is imagination.


Coping Mechanisms, Societal Sickness


The difference between a person with self knowledge of being a psycho and one who doesn’t know that they are, are completely different.

Coping Mechanisms to participate even slightly in such a diseased society are almost a requirement.  This is important to remember.

These Coping mechanisms come out as all of the Cluster B’s and as all kinds of substance abuse, and it all boils down to gaining personal power.  We live in a vampiric society.  Call it dominatitor society, call it capitalism, it’s all the same thing.  The story of authentic self and self-substantiation and soverignty is combated at every turn by a sick culture, and in turn we all self-medicate, and attempt to reclaim some personal power by any method necessary.

Alan watts  You can’t explain the inside without explaining the outside. You can’t explain the tree without also explaining the earth it sits in, the sun giving it light nutrition or the rain, etc.

Peter Joseph’s work or Ben Stewert’s will really give a great overview of all of this.

Again, we must consider first the entire ecosystem.  You can’t possibly consider the health of the individual an isolated occurrence. Well, yes 2pac, A rose can grow out the concrete, it’s just not that often.  You have to consider the planet as a whole, an even if your mind can’t fathom that, it is true. As Tomas Friedman’s book, The Earth is Flat discusses from an economic standpoint, we must accept it from a health standpoint (physical/mental/spiritual)

You have to display traits of all the cluster B’s to function to any degree in a society that is steered by cluster B generators.  That is to say, every aspect of current society is run, steered and controlled through media, government, state run education, so on and so forth.

What type of person can be ‘healthy’ in such a society?   Often times, doctors will tell a patient that they have ‘normal’ signs of say distended gut (aka) fat.  But is that in any measure healthy?  It seems that broken, disjointed and sloth are the new health.  1984 anyone?

Or is it a Brave New World?  They both have their place in such a run amuck society, and by proxy, almost all of its inhabitants.

Truly we must start at the source.  How and where do people obtain power?  What is energy?  What is the ‘product’ and ‘process’ of the current society and paradigm we are living in?  These questions are absolutely vital to consider.

At least you(revengestar) have acknowleged your disorder, but have yet justified it to prove your means of survival.  This is what all of the disorders have in common – that they see it as a means of survival of the ego and body.  The just don’t know they have the dis-ease.  You, on the other hand, seem to accept it and embrace it, like a badge of honor.  That is where you are in your learning now.

Do you see that the pharmaceutical medical establishment isn’t there for anyone’s health, but to make them addicted their poisons, including mental health ‘professionals’?  Do you see these institutions at large serving any greater good?  Does anyone even consider how as a whole, we are face fucking the shit out of mother earth and each other along the way, from the womb to the tomb?…and it’s all been injected into our bodies and minds, through the same people/archons/psychos that want to maintain control and dominance over us as a slave race?

We can spend trillions on war machines, but we can’t figure out how to feed, cloth and offer clean water and nourish our planetary family? The result…here we are discussing the leafs of a poisoned tree, and don’t bother looking at the roots of it.  Those roots are clearly global in scope.  These sources of diseased mind are obviously, to anyone not so hypnotized by the system, stemming from the media generating propoganda to support pharma, schooling, capitalism, war machines etc.

You have no degree of health or sanity if you don’t have self produced wisdom from drinking your own piss.  I mean this sincerly.  If you are deluded to the fact that your urine, is your own personal best medicine, then you have bought the original lie.  If people don’t think the medical establishment has absolute knowledge of this, then they are delusional, and again, by design.

Anything that anyone claims to know as knowledge, if I can’t trust that that person has enough self-love, self-respect and self-knowledge of the fountain of youth, by having drank of their own living waters, then their knowledge is second-hand and bound to be false.  The information is always second hand, unless it comes from you.

Anyone can be an authority or a professional. Shit, both of us are now.  We have ‘authored’ something, so we are an authority.  We have professed this so we are professionals.  What good is it?  There are millions and millions of books, with an unknowable number of words, yet if we were to distill it down to honest, truthful and worthy information that should be injested, how much would be left?

It seems, almost barely a fucking word of it.

Here’s a man that speaks a higher truth Do you take the piss?

Can we see and accept this?

You seem to want to speak some truth and that is just brilliant.  Your personal stories are great, and I’m glad you experienced them.  Everyone has their path to self discovery it seems.  Your story is great to share.   Yet, your story can have no purpose other than be a tool for other cycles, unless people are ‘woken up’ to the greater dominators on this planet.

When someone has come to a greater truth, they share it because it comes from an emotional heart space, some universal wisdom, and from self.  You claim to not have that space, so to truly engage with you in a meaningful way and have you ‘feel’ what i’m saying is tough.

I’m not here to invalidate any persons experience, far from it.  I want to help people expand and evolve as a species from a wholistic level.  And there is no way to do that when people are spoon fed misinformation about just about everything. Peoples memories are nothing more than fodder to be recycled, unless they become aware of the misguidance and manipulation.

These memories and experiences you have are absolutely worthless if you can not and do not take them through death.  It’s always said, that if you don’t know history, you are bound to repeat it.  We don’t know the true history of the human race, and until some proper history is expelled to the masses, there is no worth in all these stories.

This history and heritage of earth and our species has direct correlation to our proper mental health and sanity.  The power and urges of creation are vital to balance and harmony on this earth.  These are the same urges everyone has for a calm relaxed and serene mind in which harmonious creation is accessible.  The imbalance is so strong, that we end up self-medicating in all the ways described earlier…booze,sex,work etc… all just to get ‘out of our minds’ – but in truth, some of those strategies don’t create anything except for messy sheets and exhaustion rather than exhilaration and Tantra.

This is where the wheels come off, if they haven’t already.  I’m trying, in 2-D space on this flat screen of a computer to talk to a 3-D creature/creator.  These concepts are almost indecipherable for someone that is obsessed with revenge, although if there is any real seeking of wisdom and self and happiness, then there is a glimmer.

Drop them like a hot potatoe.  Yes, for you that is your mind’s way of coping and sustaining your psychopathy.  I get the ending of your post -” Know yourself, your boundaries and your goals and you will be able to ditch the psycho-magnet label for good and attract the people you deserve and desire!”   I agree with it a bit, I just feel like a just watched an infomercial from someone trying to sell something they don’t believe in. I see it as words on a page from you that sits in a mind state of revenge.

Are you interested in mental health?  I also see you label your post as unorthodox life coach.

“Differentiate Cluster B’ like a pro!”  Read this post to make a difference!








Expansive Version of prior ideas


This all is really about more than just some labels for mentalities and situational responses. It is about authentic self, soul mates, living outside of constructs of mind, self-substantiation, and relationships.

To explain the spirit realm to someone that has never been out of body, to speak of life beyond the perceived bondage of physical reality, or to express ‘genuineness’ to ‘zombies’ is akin to drinking all the water in the ocean with a fork.

There are quite a few base requirements to comprehend what I am trying to convey, and most all of them have been written about before, and surely in a better way than I could attempt to do here.

Here’s a few books/authors/ideas that should be comprehended

  • Arno Gruen – Insanity of Normality
  • Celestine Prophecy – Basically the 4 control Dramas
  • Herman Hesse -Siddhartha
  • Architects of Control – Michael Tsarion
  • A fundamental understanding of how Capitalism and economies based on monetary currency apply artificial forces, which induce disease on all levels of the planet – socially, mentally, physically
  • There isn’t just one mind, but many.
  • There are many more, but I’ll address them below

There is also the dilemma in trying to express through an incomplete english language, which makes words so able to misconstrued.

To reiterate from my last post.

All people display forms of mental health expressions in everyday life.  It is a matter of to what degree.  Labeling someone as a narcissist, a psychopath, a libertarian, a republican…whatever it may be, in most cases is only a tendency people display.  That tendency can be considered and cultivated if someone considers it a ‘good’ quality.  In other ways, it can be reduced or eliminated if considered a ‘bad’ quality.

Changing gears here, but it seems where it should be applied.

While time is not linear, but a frequency or some may say cyclical, we can consider that most people have a linear view of time and will use that as a ‘pushing/pulling’ of mental depressions, usually stemming from the past, and anxieties that put pressure from the future.

In the present moment of what people see as linear time, there is their true authentic self, just sitting, radiating life.  Then their ‘minds’ kick in and fuel something.  These ‘minds’ can be seen as the left and right brain, the stomach, and the hive minds.  The mind of self-preservation, the mind of immediate surroundings, the mind of family, the mind of nation, the mind of world, the cosmic mind…

Let me try to further that idea after we consider philosophies (which are mind generated, so are intrinsically ‘illusory’ or ‘false’)  These philosophies are listed here


Whether most people know it or not, they almost always lean towards Stoicism, which by obvious connection includes Epicurianism and Hedonism, but to much less degrees.  This is not only default by nature, but also instilled through culture generators such as media and schools.  This in turn feeds into Noam Chompsky’s work of Manufacturing Consent and fear and consumption culture.  This is really a lot to get into and would be a separate paper all together, but nonetheless, it is still vital to at least understand that fears of future outcomes call for the mind and body to preserve itself through consuming something, whether it be information or physical goods.

The most basic idea of self-preservation is obvious, but it is convoluted because people really have a skewed view of self.  The ideas of the mind and future ‘good/bad’ cloud what may be considered ‘best’ in self-interest.

These self interests are again molded by hive minds.  You don’t end up buying a motorcycle, even though you ‘desire’ one because your family will bitch you out for having one and you must make a choice as to your ‘mind’ being yours or your families…and after all they have your ‘best’ interest and ‘life’ to be concerned for.

Sitting there, you are overcome with grief or pain or suffering.  And, being the buddhist, that everyone is at heart, you’d like to relieve the suffering.  That is the number one motivation for everyone.  Call it Stoicism or Buddhism or just plain self-preservation, it doesn’t matter.

So, what is the response to suffering.  Alleviate it.  That suffering could be coming from fear of a friend of family member, or physical trauma, or any number of influxes of stimuli.  We all want to feel good, happy, powerful and loved.  And, if you don’t ‘feel’ like we have those things at all times, we ‘seek’ it.  We seek it through maybe sex, a drink, cigarettes, drugs of all sorts, yoga, TV, playing a game…there are all sorts of things that may be done to at least escape or avoid pain or perceived future pains, or possibly feel ‘better’ and more ‘self’ for at least a moment.  These are all normal responses.

Sometimes people have repressed or unknown trauma, or live in pain daily that has become numbed.  Consider someone with a limp that has had it for years and notices it no more.  Or, someone with a traumatic brain injury, or intestinal disorder.  They have no idea, the blind spot is there, it is like trying to turn around and see the back of your head.

Now when we try to identify cultures influence, and really any form of domination/submissive system of control (Kings/School/Church/Capitalism)….really most forms of societal structures, we see that health, expression, creativity and actual co-existence of equality/equanimity within a society is nearly impossible.

There are 99% of sick people in sick societies with sick minds and sick bodies being roped along a path by those same dis-eased people.  So, surely the more healthy one becomes, the more ‘crazy/insane’ they come across as.

Again, I’ll quote Jiddu Krishnamurti, “it is NO measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

These ‘insane’ people are often labeled schizophrenic.  There is a great video called Schizophrenic or Shaman by Terrence Mckenna. Here. You must watch that.

The basic idea is that these ‘crazy’ people just have a foot or mind in the spiritual world, and instead of assisting them and supporting them, we treat them like they are deranged and broken and throw them in a white room.

What am I getting at here as it comes to mental health and Narcissism and Psychopathic tendencies?  What does this have to do with Soul groups and Soul mates,  Twin flame and relationships with people?

We get into our heads so often, that the past and future which don’t exist, the family that isn’t living our life and existence exhibit controls over that mind, and the governments and corporations and media who also put stressors on peoples minds.  We then can’t act out our truth in our heart and soul.

We go out and try to find those true organic connections, and they are few and far between. When we do go out there, we put on masks of narcissism and go through psychopathic behavior rituals, and play out sociopath dramas, so that we may appear to play this human game and not look too odd.

Then we find our soul groups and if we are super lucky we find our mate and twin flame. I did.  The dilemma is that those people in your soul group and your soul mate might be very forgetful and fearful.  They may have never been out of body or have knowledge of those other realms and ‘who’ they are.

Then there are these past traumas and control levers in the mind and body that say no to the heart and soul and the truth that is ‘felt’ as an experience.  That experience fades away, and the mind says, it wasn’t ‘true’.  This is not fanciful or esoteric.  It is beyond that feeling of seeing and playing with a puppy.  It is contentment, harmony, comfort and excitement all in one.  The two sides of yin and yang within two peoples auric fields connected and everything was as it should be.

This isn’t the feeling you have around a best friend.  This isn’t the feeling of having great sex with someone.  CS Lewis wrote a book called the 4 types of love.  I think there are more, but for the sake of ease, they are friendship, romantic, affection, and god.  It is none of those and all of them.  It is somewhat all encompassing like a god love, but not as trivial and basic as sexual.  A twin flame and soul mate, it is just very obvious right away and it is felt beyond the physical and others can see it.  Everyone could notice it when we weren’t acting out foolish games from our heads – from out dramas and traumas.

We both acted out control dramas and psychopathic/narcissistic control patterns at times, and the material world and all of its connections to perception of time allowed us to live in duality plane and our minds got in the way and shut off the connection to our heart and soul.

To further elucidate.  I had a knee problem for a month, which in turn caused me a lot of depression.  It also, took away our ‘balance’, that is our ability to see each other eye to eye or walk together, literally and figuratively.  I was immobile and had dependence on her, while we couldn’t even commune physically with our spirits.  She got upset and became aloof and overburdened along with Disney Princess Programming and victim mentality, while I became upset from my depression and immobility and acted out on my anger about her aloofness.

Even further, there isn’t a blaming of her or her narcissistic and aloof tendencies because I am aware of my power and intensity and the things I did to contribute to some of her feelings as well.  In one respect, it was that I am smarter than I acted and I acted out psychopathic behaviors of a drunken fool and caused embarrassment. I am more powerful than that, but then having an injury and becoming a shell of my self and being depressed that I couldn’t care for the person I love so deeply and completely, left with with guilt and anger and hopelessness.

I didn’t act as my highest self.  Nor has she always.  It’s just in knowing that relationships are work, and forgiveness that results in even more connection and joy and fun and playfulness of our actual spirit selves.  We shed our minds together by examining incongruent behaviors that arised out of an unhealthy mind.  By that, we get rid of unwanted feelings and baggage of traumas and continually find a place closer to center of our heart and soul.

I know that as truth because I feel it.  I know it because I could smell her, and smell is the most primordial source of knowledge.  I know because I feel other people too, and know of their place and their archetype in my life.

We were living out of our minds.  I lost self-worth and self-confidence and displayed it.  She seen me as unable to support her in anyway and imagined a future of only this current pain and displeasure.  I didn’t have the power while I was depressed to live out or speak out a positive future, and she didn’t have the energy to think the flame was worth the candle either.

This doesn’t change that we are soul mates and twin flames.  There are just waaaaay too many strange coincidences and moments of complete interconnectedness.

This power struggle game exists for every relationship.  It has to do with feeling empty and without energy in your system, and how you express that energy when you have it.  Some people don’t like too much power or energy coursing through their system so they leak it out or give it to others.  The saying power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts has been repeated to us.  The poor, have-not complex is repeated us. There is much here too.

I play out these power struggles with other people too.  The 4 control drams from the Celestine Prophecy.  Aloof, Intimidators, poor-me’s, Interrogator.

Everyone uses these just as much as those dynamics of narcissism or psychopathy.  They are intertwined.  Everyone says they want power, but they don’t know what to do with it when they get too much, and they use those tools to try and harvest power.

Some of us use up or displace our power through drinking, others through working 6o hours a week until exhaustion.  When we have no power we thirst for it and try to obtain it, but when we obtain it, it is exciting to use it for a bit, but it can become a burden so we ‘blow our wad’.  Mentally or financially or spiritually, it doesn’t matter.

Then there is the general case of self-loathing and hate that creeps up from the past, a view of unworthiness.  This can be displayed by projecting onto others, our values and disgusts with our own self.  This happens often.

When you mix all of this together you find the mind and body and spirit in conflict and people act out, or project self-worth onto others.  Sometimes, actual help is viewed as harm, and sometimes the other way around.

So, we all from moment to moment try our best to be our best version of self and acquire energy for self-substantiation, but have a brain that is split with all sorts of fears, anxieties and depressions and the result is one or both parties acting out or projecting those fears and control issues on each other.

At the heart of everyone, we are all worthy and equal. But in our minds, and stomachs and imaginations, we see things skewed, and try to find our own personal power.  When we can’t we either vampire it from others, or we just throw it all away due to views of unworthiness.  Simple version of the Control Dramas

What’s the solution?  At the very least, it is understanding that they exist, so that we may navigate them easier, until they vanish completely.

The ultimate goal is to be more in the present moment so that upon death we have observed and interacted with the universe enough to take those memories through death, and wake up more experienced than we were last lifetime.  So, that we may wake our other versions of self up too, and we can live collectively beyond the sun while choosing and experiencing new life as we see fit, rather than blindly fumbling through these lifetimes, relearning lessons and not improving.


To address some of your words revengestar…

I’ve never seen the good/bad guy dynamic, I mean, I know that we are told it exists and we live in a dual world, but it’s just not the whole truth to it.  I see good/better/best.

As far as the relationship to earthlings and the planet as a whole, there is nothing better than communication…with a caveat…that communication must come from a place outside the mind, maybe the heart, maybe the soul…but at least with feelings.

Feelings and emotions are different.  Feelings are getting kicked in the nuts – emotions are how you ‘think you feel’ about the person or event of getting kicked in the balls.

Emotions are what the media and our own mind play out to gain leverage and control and I suppose in your case – find revenge. Maybe in the mind, it has been about getting back at or leveling the table, but in the heart/spirit/soul it has only been about organic feelings and co-dependency, like humans and trees (oxygen and carbon dioxide), really the whole planet and humans.

Cycling that back to relationships and narcissist/psychopathic behaviors, again it is about tendencies and communication and openness that they exist, and knowledge of ways to get beyond them, beyond mind games, and how to play inside the heart in a world full of earthlings that are expressing past traumas and acting out future fears in the present time.

I don’t know if you’ve read anything else I’ve read, but I normally don’t dive into this stuff, although everything I write about is the ‘architects’ of control and language and learning processes – all from a very esoteric and occult level.  But, they are the fundamental reasons why people play out these scenarios in earth time as domination/submission, narcissist/psychopath, fear and consumption, reliance over self-sufficiency.  I only wrote those couple jumbled posts as some small outlet to extreme depression and feeling of isolation and loneliness, and more specifically because of empathic things that have drained me – I let them, but nonetheless it occurs.  This empathy thing isn’t really that I know of the mental guards that this person had, but that I am highly sensitive and can feel for what she has problems of self-worth, self-respect, narcissism victim mentality, princess programming etc…

My feeling that I am a victim to her and all i noted above isn’t the issue.  I don’t feel victimized by it, just extremely sad for not just my ‘loss’ but for her ‘loss’ and issues as well.  I don’t know about the rest of the pages you read on empaths blaming narcissists, but I am not of that mindset.  Mainly due to seeing the issue as a whole system approach of mind and all of what I put forth above.

Even further, there isn’t blaming her or narcissism because I am aware of my power and intensity and the things I did to contribute to some of her feelings as well.  In one respect, it was that I am smarter than I acted, and more powerful, but then having an injury and becoming a shell of my self and being depressed that I couldn’t care for the person I love so deeply and completely left with with guilt and anger.

Yeah, there is quite a bit of spiritual and ‘after earth/death’ coating the whole thing, but I’ve been out of body and have no reservations about what my spirit is and what I can do with it out of the confines of the body.  It is a matter of unification of both to allow the mind rest, and allow more heart energy to manifest a more balanced and harmonious earth.

Sure, it sounds all gobblydeegook but it does seem to me that the path of health and healing on this planet involves getting people to discover the architects of control, the archons and the media that overwhelm the mind through words and symbols to act out their plans rather than the plan of your future spirit self.

That may seem disjointed from what we were discussing, but it is the absolute underpinning of peoples inability to commune in loving ways at all times and cause destructive tendencies.  When you see it and observe it, you learn to put yourself into it and shine some light on the BS (belief systems) for people and get the fuck out before it drains you and you act out of lower baser BS.

Most people are just stuck in the base chakra, or more laymen, they just wanna eat fuck and sleep. Or, you have space cadets that think the world is all namaste but dismiss the world and physical plane altogether.  So as a bridge to that, as an empath, whatever you want to call it – the ability to put yourself around princes or the paupers and let them see a novel idea and then getting out before you are overwhelmed by their mental tendencies is the goal.   Whether it is for you, something as simple as a single human relationship, and not some crazy global conspiracy with aliens and languages of babel like i may see it, the goal is quite the same – that is to find some authentic human connection.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion.


Motivation for previous writing


I dated a sociopath, narcissist, and a psychopath.

In reality it is in the degree of which these ‘roles’ are played out, and if it understood that it is a part of someones process of growth.

Nearly everyone displays traits of those 3 roles.  You can’t be much of a functional member of society without at least being sociopathic.  The path of society.  The rules and customs of behavioral traits that make up a culture have to be ‘played’ in part and at times to ‘fit in.’

Narcissism is a necessary function as well, but it must be tamed.  Self-confidence and ego are part of this world, and without ego we’d be floating on the spiritual plane with out much of an experience.

And psychopathic behavior is a path of cycles.  A psycho path has patterns and behaviors that are part of their cycles/circles that they must adjust or become a redundant pattern generator.  These again fit into the instructions of an arbitrarily ‘time’ encumbered people.

We all play these games out in society to fit in and be part of the trivial world to try and make bonds with other beings.  The goal would seem to deepen and enlarge the scope of these relationships, however, due to so many societal constraints, people are so caught up in the world out there, that the intimacy with self and a partner suffers greatly, thereby causing much mental and spiritual turmoil.

I am aware of some of my cycles and societal constructs that I step into, to engage with people.  I put on the narcissistic costumes and engage in those customs in an effort to find the others that have an inkling of spirituality and interest in truly improving myself.

It seemed surely that I mentally, physically and spiritually met my twin flame and soul mate.  It still seems that way, except, due to all of societal expectations and gearing towards narcissism, my heart was broken.

It is more of a heartbreak in the sense that I am empathetic and could feel and sense her insecurities and fears, but made missteps in attempt to assist in relieving of those feelings that have to be dealt with.

My ability to be direct and honest was too much intwined in spiritual and mental rewards, while she was still damaged from her past traumas that my directness was taken as attack rather than an opportunity for conversation and growth.

Now I am in the zone of trying to stabilize what my minds sees as dishonesty and grounding myself in understanding her lack of maturity in matters of the heart and spirituality.






J. Krishnamurti – It is NO measure of HEALTH, to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Society, Culture, Health, Trauma, Depression, Suicide, Anxiety, Fear, Loathing, Apathy, Empathy, Fasting, Alcohol, Praise, Narcassism, Addiction, Control, Expression, Dominator/Submissive Complex, Monetary System defining Economies, Language, Existentializm, Nihlism, Creation

This is a mess below, and it won’t include all of the stuff above, but fuck it.  I will touch on a lot of things.

Can you (write,right, rite) a wrong? Is there wrongness or just learning?

Anyone with vision and a larger perspective of world that include more levels of health, comfort, joy and over-all (w)holistic approach to seeing a more collective balance and one planet mentality – have been told to shut up sit down, that money, power, domination and fear are the proper rulers.

Socrates – The unexamined life is not worth living. And by it’s obvious association, death has to be examined with equal measure. While most people don’t have the time to be seriously depressed or process all of the inputs and feelings (or lackthereof) I have been in the most hospitable position to be left to exploring the vastness of thoughts. To peruse the unlimited in both positive and negative directions.

In these thoughts and feelings, there are past traumas and depression that exist, and future anxieties and fear that express themselves through the present portal of the mind. Some of it sits inside of self hate and anger towards an action or inaction. Yet, at many other times, there is serenity and allowance of missteps. Sometimes emotions are taken out on the wrong people by projecting past events onto a present moment that it shouldn’t exist in. Other times, these feelings and emotions are immediately attempted to be participated in and worked through.

Some people are busy putting up walls from percieved and real attacks, while others are pulling off their armour and in doing so, are very suseptible to attack. Shiva and Shakti. Yin Yang.

At times, seeming attacks and judgements are but only an effort to engage and fuel healing, yet because of past and future images in the mind, the present moment of opportunity for humanness is met with vitriol and disgust by friends and lovers.

I have mentaly and emotionally put my efforts in to equlizing with people. Not UNDER or OVERstanding them, but to be equal and balanced. The problems arise when, there is a difference in pressures, sensitivities and overall energy to be used to improve communication. Then, there is the problems with Langauage, English specifically, that is a generator of confusion.

When trying to communicate with someones mind and heart, there is often times, when the mind takes over, and blocks the feelings and emotions of love due to percieved attack, when in truth, there isn’t one.

Everyone has dealt with this.

There is a great deal of sadness, depression, despair and hopelessness when you are attempting to communicate clearly to someone with your heart and your mind, yet it is seen as something else entirely.

There are other systems that override nature and a (w)holistic view of interconnectedness and co-dependancy. Namely money, capitalism, religon and all of the outpouring of power, control, dominance, and seperatness that come from these systems that are artificial and forced onto us at birth and throughout life.

There are those that explain these architects and systems of control, so that people may have the Choice of participating and the comprehension of what they are. I am not suggesting that all of those systems are wrong or bad, but they do have a propensity for creating unbalance, biases and disease. When these people explain what the artifical worlds looks like and what are its constituents, they are often laughed at and considered outliers that just won’t cooperate, or worse yet are somehow hurting people by offering them a look through the illusions.

The cooperation that these people don’t involve themselves with, is often with the kind of groups and cults and religions that exist for the purpose of dominating, control and outright separation. The Christian church has 33,000 denominations….that doesn’t speak to unity does it?

There are diseased and sick people in society attempting to fix our sinful children, our failing infrastructure, the system of medicine etc… The Blind leading the one eyed man. So here we sit, controlled by institutions of perfectly sick people with a goal of self interest which is built out of a system that not only embraces it but encourages it.

I examine my own bouts of self-interest, narcissism, and psychopathic behaviors from many levels. I see it in others as well. It’s built into the system. It has to do with acquisition of energy.

As an empath, it is quite challenging to say the least, as auric fields and energy patterns can get intertwined.  I have often lived out someone elses feeling to such a degree that I become practically empty and unable to participate in even the simplest acts.

This has found me in a place where due to concern, the suggesting of going to a therapist might help.  All people are my therapists.  The thought that I could exchange money for someones perceived ownership of some knowledge that came through an institution of university that I don’t prescribe to, already unbalances the table. I learn from all people, especially the broken ones.

I just don’t process information like ‘average/regular/normal’ people.  That is what happens with empathy and compassion.  People have been instructed and taught to with hold ideas and feelings.  I don’t so I am looked at like a fool who is broken and needs counseling.

Aquisition of energy. How to harness and cultivate energy, when we don’t even know what it is seems to be a starting point for disaster.

We falsely see that money is power. Money is called currency and is considered energy, yet it alone can do nothing, except maybe be fuel for a fire, or make a cute hat to put on your hamster. Yet, that money is produced by the same energy and resources it supposedly can acquire. The idea that money has any intrinsic value is false.

So what is energy?

It seems most correctly to be imagination.

This imagination is downloaded from future possibilities. Some beneficial and life supporting, some not so good at all.

We take these ideas in our head from a future and direct it physically in our present environment. In turn, these ideas become objects of our past, including our bodies.

The mind is the present – ideas, imagination and emotion is sent backwards from your spirit in the future and the past is remnants of what you have held strongest to in your beliefs and imagination.

Most of us have a worst-case scenario, bad things happen belief system that reinforce negative experiences. It will only take a few people with a higher capacitance for self-substantiating energy through imagination to implament a world without the fears that are continually repeated to all of us.

As Bucky Fueller said, You don’t destroy an old system, you design a new one and the old one becomes obsolete.

We have to design a new system in our minds first with a theory for life based on the truth of abundance, life-affirming and planetary respecting principles and let the old system of domination, oppression, fear and hate become inefficient and obsolete.

There is the issue of peoples belief that nature vs. nurture is an actual thing. We have to also consider environment and frequency/energy generators. Nature IS Nurture. It provides everything in abundance. The hijacking of nature as if someone owns it is quite a disturbance.

The environment of any space has its own energy qualities and they can be influenced. Just as a house can be rebuilt, so can the energy of an environment. The energy generators are the people with juiced up imagination and energy to instill change in an area.

When we look at narcissism, and it’s tendencies, what we come to see is that it is a looping system of only self-identity. If the person’s self identity must be validated by his or hers own belief patterns then a looping occurs.

On the other hand, if the narcissism is fueled by outside approval or disapproval, then this system becomes very unstable.

Culture and the world of money fueled by marketing and media imaging has produced a nation of psychopathic people. People are social creatures, and they want to have friends and happy experiences. So, through media of all sorts, we are suggested that by participating or consuming of whatever is being sold, we can have happiness and friends and love and sex.

If you don’t believe in that and are wary of the physical world being sold to you, you are labeled an outcast by people under the hypnosis of the architects of control through systematic imaging of success, friendship, love, happiness and joy.

Take it a step further, and you that stars of sport and entertainment are applauded as somehow role models and heros for having developed a level of self expression, but to what degree of authentic self? How happy, balanced and developed are they? And why should these people be used to influence an entire nation and become marketing gimmicks to sell ads, and more things to consume.

The Insanity of Normality. Great book by Arno Gruen. Also, a perfect explanation. Culture has become a redundant meme and that normalizing and standardization of the person has created quite the internal struggle between staying creative, having self expression yet fitting in enough to have friends, despite the shallowness of such encounters.

Fear and consumption cultures. Fear of not having all the things that media suggests, so you must buy and consume identity, pseudo-creative costumes, and all sorts of food stuffs.

So here we all sit, given bio-survial tokens all with the sole purpose of succubusing energy off of all of us. When you look at an orange tree and how it grows with absolutely no effort from anyone except for nature, it becomes a curious state of affairs when the energy we must expend to purchase an orange isn’t a very fair exchange at all.

How do we somehow juggle a world that should be simple. How does one experience deep meaning relations, be social and express themselves while in a world that sponsors war through religion, separation through classist instruction and education to dumb down the masses?