Inspiration to write!!! FMT. What the SHIT?!


When I was sent a link to to FMT, I nearly shat myself.  In the future, there will be cartoons depicting ass to ass entrainment.  South Park already did the human centipede which is pretty rad.

At first thought, I said, ‘no, I’m not going to judge this…I will walk through my thoughts and feelings and all my chackras, and see what comes to pass.’  My gut feelings was, ‘fuck this,’ my thoughts were, ‘this is poop bananas,’ my oversoul said, ‘I can’t believe you are wasting your time considering whether or not sticking someones shit up your ass is a good idea.’  My general feelings were, ‘this can’t be in any way good.’  Every fiber of my being told me, ‘this is fucking ridiculous.’

Here comes the people in white jackets and the FDA telling you to jam feces of another up your bunghole.  Sounds too plausible, just too good to be true.  Health, gift wrapped from the FDA and its constituents, with a bow on top.  Inside is a pile of shit.  Not figuratively, like in the past, but really, like, actually, literally, SHIT in a fucking box, or enema bag.  The solution to all your problems!

Are you having shitting problems?  Yes?.  Here, your shit is the problem, take this other persons shit, their shit is WAAAYY better.

The notion, the idea is to take someone else’s ‘healthy’ shit and jam it up your rectum.

Now before I go on a tirade, let me make some things very clear.  I have fasted on just water for 40 days, I have drank my own urine, which I still do, and have done a fast on for 3 days, I do enemas of all sorts of varieties – including urine, herbs, yogurt, coffee, etc., and i can see the absolute use of suppositories up the ass of a variety of plant substances.  But, this tossing of another person’s shit, up your bum is just, how to say, FUCKING LOONEY TOONS.  Up is down, right is wrong – Orwell, you absolute prophet.

Again, I understand that drastic times call for extreme measures, but having brain tumors doesn’t imply that you enter the X games and try a triple back flip off a 300 foot ramp, or parachuting out the back of a leer jet.  I fully understand that there could be some ‘health’ benefits to the ass-munching of another’s digested waste product.  I capture the concept and comprehend fully the method and the idea.

How many people have a ‘healthy’ colon though?  I get that you’ll be acquiring all of that wonderful good shit, errr, i mean ‘flora’ of that other person, butt you will also be acquiring their not so good bacteria.  The only reason I have seen for not just taking probiotics is that you only get a fraction of the ‘flora’ into your gut if you take those little capsules, or eat some yogurt.  Only if there was another way to get a large wide variety of gut bacteria/flora/probiotics into your colon…   Wait, i think I got it….  STUFF IT UP YOUR ASS!  The same FUCKING THING!

Oh the FDA and their compatriots don’t recognize the scientific validity of this method?  Can anyone see the play here….the ASS PLAY if you will?  Sure, you might get your leaky colon and diahrieeah all sewed up, but what about all the rest of the SHIT you are taking on.  You realize that in a bigger more expansive ecosystem there are also more filthy, bad things that are teeming…

The ‘ancients’ or our ‘ancestors’ or the wisdom of the wholistic practitioners of our great history have a lot to tell us.  In fact, you can find in a lot of the writings that survived the horrific book burnings of old and new, a very specific quote.  It is in the Koran, the Bible the Upanishads, the Torah, the Bhagavad Gita…even the Vedas tell you one thing.  I believe it is in the same portion of each book.  Usually as a Pre-script to the reading of the material…and it says this.  ‘Don’t stick another humans or animals shit UP YOUR ASS!’

Now, I’m not a religious person by any means, but I gotta side with those texts in this instance.

I’ll even spill the beans a bit here, and divulge that i do know of some Taoists material that suggests the use of shit.  It is to place a substance into and let it ferment, then remove the substance from the shit before use.  Mushrooms, thus wisdom, after all, do grow in cow shit.  Manure has its uses.  Usually after a process of alchemy that takes a bit of time though.

You surely wouldn’t eat another persons shit, would you?  Why would you then stick it up your butt hole.  The nose knows gnosis. That means that the nose has wisdom.  It is only entry way straight to the brain.  I won’t get into the esoterics of this, because we really, reaaaaally shouldn’t need them.  If your nose says, ‘yuck, keep that AWAY from my mouth, MY TEMPLE, then you should leave the SHIT WHERE IT IS.

We have a society that is sooooo confused.  We literally SHIT in our CLEAN WATER, then complain about people wasting water or contaminating it.  WE SHIT IN IT.   ‘OH here’s a nice pile of shit!  Let me pick it up and force it up my anus so that I may be HEALTHY!”  WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING SANDS OF TIME????!!!!!  Are we really this deranged?   The fact that I have to sit here and explain this is tantamount to explaining why you don’t stick your dick in a toaster.

The reason there is a RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE is because MCDONALDS FED THE PEOPLE THE SHIT THAT WOULD GET THE NEXT GENERATION IN THAT HOUSE.  Pay here for poison.  Donate to charity here so we can study dis-ease.  The FDA – Food and Drug Administration.  Read that again.  They ADMINISTER FOOD AND DRUGS.  I don’t know what food has to do with drugs, but that’s for another time.  Take another’s shit, multiply your dis-eases, we don’t care, in fact, sure, here’s our blessing.

Shivambu.  Been around for millenia.  Still used all over the globe.  Part of the Urine, urea, is even used in cosmetics, but drink your pee?  NO way!  YOU WILL DIE.  3 ingestions and it become so toxic that you’ll die.  Lies.  It becomes cleaner and more pure.  The filth comes out the back door… that’s why it’s behind you, it is exiting the building.  There is life/chi/prana in urine.  Only death in feces.  At least until an alchemical process that happens aerobically on the fertile earth…

What the fuck.

Let me finish by saying, that yes, I am absolutely sure people have had great results.  I wonder what is considered ‘healthy’ though.  I wonder about the future of these ‘transplanted shit babies.’  Would not a wide variety of probiotics jammed up the rectum do a similar if not better thing?  What are the possibly and probably long term effects?

Everything.  From my nose, to my mind, to the history, to the wisdom of the ancients, to my gut, my feelings and everything in between – the only conclusion is, ‘WOW.  People are consuming other peoples shit…. my the nether worlds we are living in with Ba’al in control.’

By the way FMT is Fecal Matter Transplant.

Shit… there are soo many other ways to ‘treat/cure’ dis-ease that isn’t so fucking ridiculous, I am just beside myself.  James Allen said it best in his work, ‘As a man thinketh.’  I won’t do the quote justice, so I’ll tell you to just listen to the audio here, listen to this.  You may or may not find the quote I was lurking for, but it is an awesome audio non-the-less.  The main issue that FMT was used for was a fancy named leaky anus.  I’m gonna go and guess that these people have a ‘really healthy lifestyle’ and have wholistically looked at their bowel issues and addressed them fully through diet and cleansing, even fasting.  Or not.

To conclude, in the wise words of a man I once knew, “I am now going to make a vagina hand puppet out of my own stool and fuck it, fuck it til the shit hits the fan and drips down in my eyes and blinds me to the idiocy of this world… then I will take a nap.”

– Pu-pi

Golden Rule, Porcupine’s Dilemma, Glass Delusion, Scholar’s Melancholy


I am too be the next in line of Bloggers, who come by some trivial un-researched ‘condition’ and ink it up on these pages for you to ponder and possibly add to newspeak?  I ‘stumbledupon’ the Glass Delusion.  Look it up for yourself and see if it has legs, and hindquarters, and any actuality to it.

The article goes on to say it is better understood in modern arenas as ‘scholar’s melancholy.’  Easy enough to understand those two words and what they imply, yet the two terms have exactly nothing to do with each other, if that is they both even exist as ‘clinical, psychiatric conditions.’

My initial search only yields redundancy of the same bit of info, but no credible source.  Just some lazy regurgitation.  Shit, they both may be ‘valid’ terms, but I am more interested in the ‘cut and paste’ culture; a phenomenon that has its roots in infinite recursion.

The hedgehog’s or porcupine’s dilemma, however, has a pretty sure footing with Schopenhauer and Freud waxing on human intimacy.  The nights get cold and the porcupine requires and wants to share warmth, yet the closer and more intimate they become with the other, the more the pain and poking occurs.  I can surely see the parallels here, but luckily for humans – we ARE NOT PORCUPINES.  I could see Fraud/Freud shoveling drivel at the masses, considering his cousin, Edward Bernays, but Schopenhauer I am a bit more surprised at.

If we are really looking to the source of dilemmas with intimacy, we need look no further than our language.  It has always been a source of confusion.  It is a recapitulation of the source code.  The original language was form.  We could include sound, as sound is a form, but the 2 dimensional diagrams that we use here in front of us that instruct us what sounds to use are a far cry from the primordial tongue.  Babies and animals use original language.  They have a pretty good success rate with it.  However as we have been instructed to use a magical and clunky language such as English/Anglish, we find ourselves with all sorts of communication issues.

This language even destroys thought forms of ideas and creation which has its base in vision and imagination, not a slowed down version of light.  Sound and the forms of each letter, or even word, or sentence – if you can read that way – still slows down the process of information ingestion, and surely causes a backlog of what to do with it and how to use it.  There has always been the same amount of information in the universe.  It is just how much we have access to and how we are decoding it.

I am going to change gears here to explain the Golden Rule that I left hanging in my last post.  It is NOT to treat others as you’d like to be treated.  I’ve never wanted to use the term ‘hog-wash’ for anything, but I am inspired to here.  The golden rule is the golden mean is the gold standard.  If you are familiar with my writings, then you know that STaNDaRD is 1ST 2ND 3RD.  A rule is an arbitrary form of measurement.  In this case it is based on a triangle.  This is to that as that is to the whole.   The Golden Mean is all you really need to know.  But, to further the idea – it is simple.  If you only treat others as you would be treated, the world becomes stagnant and limited.  As well, I’m not sure I’d like to be treated the way someone else may like to be treated.  There are all sorts of people that ‘enjoy’ or want to be treated in vile ways.  Some people enjoy ‘weird’ things that I don’t – which is perfectly wonderful, but would that imply that because they like it, I should too?  I enjoy chocolate ice cream, you don’t, you enjoy pistachio – If the golden rule was as you were told, you would be busy trying to feed me your shitty pistachio ice cream, and I’d not be having a good time, I might even get an allergic reaction to it.

The Golden rule is essentially, that as you adjust one ‘angle’ or one form of your person, the outside world will change in direct proportion.  It has to.  The world is built as a hologram.  So when you change one variable, you change the outcome in equal measures.  The world always plays in your ‘harmonics’ even if you are ‘out of harmony.’   This is to say, if you enjoy, for whatever reason, a hyper-fusion-jazz that includes tones that aren’t necessarily in a ‘proper’ chord, then the world will show you that in return.  If you eat things, that put your ‘organs’ our of tune in your body, your world and dreams will show that back to you, so that you may adjust your levels if you see fit.

The golden rule isn’t some ethical/moral compass of interaction with other beings, it is a geometrical design that mirrors the way you treat yourself back to you.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say that most people do treat others as they’d treat themselves, and that’s why the world seems so out of tune at times.

-Pu Tai

Elemental Ingestion


This may turn into a tangent.

The purpose of this pondering and pontification comes at the thought of purification; some things are poisons and others are panacea, we wander wondering, oft aimlessly into the abyss of a seemingly fragmented universe.  Surrounded and enticed at every corner and angle with delicacies, delights and deliberately displayed di-axioms of data.

What to ingest though?

We find so many ingestions to be sickening, yet participate willingly and frequently blindly.  May I suggest that we ingest a variety of sub-stances that are not to our liking, whether we actively seek it out our not.  Take for instance, marketing; the medes, media and magi of the modern manufactured machine world.  Whether you acknowledge it or not, while walking down that city(siddhi-magic) street, you are bombarded through the nose, mouth, eyes and ears with all sorts of unwelcome guests of energy.  They affect you all the same.

We seem to as a species, have little regard for this and in fact encourage it.  Yet, we see problems with all sorts of plants and the the alchemical results of such.  Tobacco and alcohol are two of the primary ones that are of interest.  The idea of slaughtering and consuming the burnt flesh, blood and body of a fellow earthling is something most people don’t even bat an eye at and are so disconnected from the process that it is no wonder that there is no feeling associated with it other than, “I love bacon, I am cool!”  This though, is not the tirade i am going off on.

There are all sorts of things people are encourage not to consume and others which will supposedly make you smarter, stronger and faster than your fellow species.

It is only your constitution and mind that allows you to consume an element.  By constitution I literally mean, what constitutes your being.  You are made of the angles of the suns rays that were present during your time in the womb.  Which most are missing a few months worth of the total.  You don’t collect the full spectrum of light waves/frequencies that amass you into a perfected balanced whole being.  This is the epitome of astrology, but we are not here for that.

Some people don’t work well with hot foods, others are distraught by the sight of peaches.  To be precise, it could be a psychological phenomenon at work, that was due to being smashed in the face with a peach as a child – which is still being carried.  Or, it could be the geometry of the peach is attuned to an organ in your body that is already overactive and by consuming the peach you are literally thrown off balance even more than you are, so your body-intelligence instructs you to eat something blue or green, such as a cucumber or berry to cool you down and regulate your organ that is out of proper spin dynamics.

You may not be able to handle and process tobacco well, that doesn’t mean that another isn’t in ‘need’ of it.  Again, to clarify, I am not talking about the adulterated cigarettes that popular society likes to call tobacco – that has dozens of chemicals added.  There is plenty of historic evidence of not only the health giving properties of tobacco but the ceremonial and spiritual use of it.

Is it any wonder the word alchemy and alcohol have a similar root.  The process of internal alchemy mimics that of the process of out-side world distillation.  We can also consider that the ‘spirit’ – called alcohol has something to do with ‘spirit’uality.  In modern times, we again, get the adulterated or diluted version.  The plant essences that used to be teeming inside of such spirits are found few and far between – usually in the name of a larger profit.  Or maybe a larger prophet that instilled their own spirit inside a bottle – thus the imbibers customs and actions aren’t necessarily of the consumers initial ‘character’.

Between the writers, philosophers, scientists and musicians who we stand in awe of, we’d be hard-pressed to find a single one who didn’t have their ‘crutch/crux/cross’ that they didn’t use as a supplement to idea generation.  Whether we look to caffeine inside a cup of joe, or cannabanoids held within a plant, or the blood thinning properties of alcohol – we will surely find an ‘addiction’ in most cases, a ‘turbo boost’ or enhancer in others… but surely an element that once ingested, that accelerates or encourages creativity or some process of mental/phi-cycle manipulation.

All things have their measure.  And man is the measure of them.

It is ALL good, or NONE of it is.

The position of beneath, or sub-stance that you stand atop of should be of no issue.  If you find you must live on death, then by all means that is your prerogative to your process, though I would suggest that only life begets life, death begets death.  If the elements that you consume are life encouraging, then it is quite possible the golden rule will be more shining in your favor.  The golden rule isn’t what you’ve been told it is.  I won’t tell you what it is right now, but it is always in effect.

Can you digest what you have ingested and intake the valuable elements for your spacecraft and let the burnt up dross out the back door to be re-cycled into a new element?  This seems to be the only consideration.

-To in-gesting, di-gesting and just jesting.


Dreams, Astral Realms, Dimensions, OOBE


While it may very much seem that this blog is about words, writing and the such – it isn’t, well at least not completely.

It’s sort of a parlor trick.  Not specifically, or fully intentionally, but it serves as one.  The thing is, if you tell a person you are tricking them, they are most likely not going to be tricked.  Unless, say the trick is good, REALLY GOOD – and well worth their being tricked.

I am so sure that this trick has been worthwhile that I will tell you exactly what it is and how it is performed, and you will be so intrigued and happy with it – you will carry on.

Here’s how it works.  I show you the words/swords and spells/writes/rites and passages.  We explore language and magic through linguistics.  All the while, you are becoming more aware and conscious of your environment in what seems to be waking life.  Interestingly enough, this awareness folds, or smears into your dreams.  Dreams become more ‘real’ and you may find yourself on the precipice of something awesome.  It may first be the awareness of your spirit exiting your containing shell(spacesuit/body) or it may be the objects or persons or ideas from your dreams appearing in your phi-cylce realm here on earth.

This conscious attention to words and spelling and language will help to trigger your brain in your dreams to do similar things, such as decode or deconstruct ideas in front of you.  This is a two way street. As you become more lucid in dream, you become more lucid in life and vice versa.

The next step is to be a ‘time lord’ of sorts.  This looks like this:  Instead of having a body that you identify with solely as your person/ego/entity and occasionally having a ‘dream’ you flip 180.  You reside in spirit, and ‘dip’ down into 3-D on this plane/dimension.  You still maintain a body/spacesuit, but the spacesuit is only entered upon your focus and intention to do so.  You will instead see your body as a craft, a suit that you copiously consider as to its functions.  The heart beats on your command rather than on its own.  Your other organs and glands release and play upon your instructions as the Temple Orchestrator.  The speed at which you travel, which goes far above the speed of light is at your discretion.  As light is also an object or thing – as it does have weight and is ‘matter’- you are not contained by it, but play within it when you so choose.  You are outside of time/space.

Seems rather fanciful huh?

Consider your Area(aura) of influence.  You surely believe you have some effect on your ‘future/time’ and the things/objects/matter you may obtain and play with(space).  How much so?  You believe you can walk to the coffee shop, get there in 5 minutes and acquire a cup of coffee.  You certainly do this, have done it and believe it to be so – and it is.  How much further in space and time would you be willing to believe you can affect?  Maybe a year from now, when you have acquired enough money(currency/energy) to take a 2000 mile trip to the Bahamas on a plane that takes you there in a fraction of the time walking would?

That energy you acquired in the form of money(MOON CURRENT)  allows you to travel faster by a PLANE to a farther destination in a shorter span of time.  The bigger trick is to bypass the system of controls.  The controls of the PAper currency are there for to give you a time lag to allow you to watch the transition happen.  This gives you a lot of ‘time’ to ponder whether these are the things you want.  It is a limiter/restrictor, but has been placed there by a larger form of self to let you gain experience and sharpen you skills as a time lord.  You already have a fraction of your total power, you just don’t see it as such.  As you get more currency, you can move farther and faster.  Currency on this realm is in the form of PAper MOONey.  You can bypass this by obtaining currency within – building up your own energy centers.  Soon enough, you will be able to go to places on the other side of the globe instantaneously and ‘solidify’ the space within your ‘dream’….but maybe it’s not a dream, maybe you ARE on the other side of the globe, interacting with that space and people.

Just the same way you travel now.  If you are (‘broke’/’po’er) or have limited currency, you are restricted to a certain space.  Maybe you don’t have the money/energy to go to another city(siddhi), or maybe you have enough money to buy(bi) a car(arc) and it transports you at a faster rate to farther distances, but requires more fuel.  As you acquire more current, you can take a plane or maybe a private jet(even faster/farther).  In the same way, you can adjust your own current levels within your spacesuit and spirit.  The same ideas apply.

I hope this makes sense to all of you.

The reason we have all of these forms of travel is hyperdimensionally programmed to show us in 3-d what we can accomplish internally.  As well the words i.e. car(arc), plane, etc. are there to tell you something.  Even bicycle is bi-cycle, meaning you have a 2nd cycle worth of energy working for you.  You have 2 wheels(wills) on that bike.  No wonder you move twice as fast as you can without it.  The people with the most currency on this dimension are probably of 2 varieties – the ones that have the currency internally that are dipping into this fun, expansive, wonderful place called earth via there spirit, and the ones that don’t comprehend the principals of the spirit and are ‘stuck’ in this realm not comprehending their spirits mobility.  They are in 3-d due to pacts, rituals and agreements that they are unaware of how to detach from.  If they were informed of such information, I’d make the wild guess that these Corporations(Corps.CORPSE) of the dead wouldn’t be eating(8’ing) the way they do.  There wouldn’t be addictive and degenerative isotopes put into our experience, because all would realize expansion of consciousness.

This could go on a long winded diatribe, so I will pause it here.

I hope you all could glean something from this.


Archons are Anchors … and my new Blog.


Simple enough. ARCHONS are ANCHORS.  Archons are poles or the ‘end’ of a spectrum of a system of Octaves, i.e. the acoustic phase of atoms, or the color spectrum.  Anchors hold a ship in place.

I’d even go as far as to suggest that Angkor Wat (the first Hindu temple in Cambodia) is an anchor.  Surely as the first of something, it serves as a point of reference.  The Wat or Watt is a unit of Energy.  For the uninitiated into the zany world of words, this would seem as silly as a platypus with a duck bill or a fish with a see through head…  (hint: they both exist.)  Clear Face Fish

Angkor Wat…But it was a ‘different’ language!  So, YOU think.

What about these anchors or archons?  Well, just as you don’t need an anchor for your ship, you need not flirt with these poles.  Have you ever been to the North pole?  South Pole?  No, but you know they exist – you acknowledge their position or the ‘extreme’ position that they hold to activate spin or rotation of the earth.  You can appreciate and ascertain the power of the poles, even USE the energy of the poles without ever having been there.  Consider even, the idea of a ship and an anchor.  The anchor holds the ship in place, yet the ship need not use an anchor.  In calm waters it may choose to ‘sit and observe’ from an anchored point, but whilst traveling an anchor would serve no purpose.  In the same way you may sit and ponder the position of an archon and appreciate it, but being there would do little good.  The North Pole is uninhabitable, why traverse there?

Come over to ZenVerbs where I will explore WORDS. I will open up my 1930 Dictionary and help to unscramble the egg as it were.  For those that are unaware, this dictionary is prior to the ‘alterations’… pre-leipzig convention

Happy Travels, stay in the warmth.  You’re better suited for it.


Change your name.


There are a number of ideas that I would like to portray here. They come off some recent conversations in pubs, an hour long video on magic produced by Disinfo, and a popular anecdote (that claimed 3,000+pts of Karma!!!) on Reddit concerning feminists.  Oh, and a bit about shamanism and Multiple Personality Disorder.

In my (latest) and most encouraging voice, I say, ‘change your name.’  I’m not going to get into the etymology much (like NAME/AMEN) or the history of (Surnames/SIRnames/IRS…etc.) but rather try and relate a psychological phenomenon that concerns walking a mile in another persons shoes (or jacket…)  I will try not to scurry down the path of waxing about persona and its heritage, but suppose that will pop its head up to establish a point of reference.

This could be 3 or 4 different posts, but in the feeling of this writing, I think it’d be appropriate to weave them all together into one cohesive unit.

While my tendencies lean toward explaining, and connecting the ideas until I feel it has been absorbed, this musing will likely stray from orthodox, although I haven’t considered the avenue completely, so we will see.

A woman who seems to be feminist, who gets married and keeps her last name is in fact keeping the last name of TWO Patriarchs.  Ironic.  As well, the simple act of getting married is well steeped in…. OK, i said i’d try not to rant.  Not to mention the woman’s first name is in NO way guaranteed to be chosen by the female or even a combination of the parents, and most likely is bequeathed to her by the father, not to even consider the probability that her middle name is also Male generated.

There is a great talk by the Psychonuat, Terrence McKenna called Schizophrenic or Shamanism Here it is.  This rolls perfectly into the talk by Grant Morrison on Disinfo He writes Comics.  I’d bet every single person on the planet has ‘acted’ ‘out of character’ or evolved themselves and their ‘person’.  Just as you aren’t the person you were when you were 10 years old, you aren’t even the being you were before you read this last paragraph.  There is a multiplicity about you that is indescribable – a reinvention, a change or certain alteration to your consciousness that enables you to express yourself differently, maybe even more ‘fully’.

Experiences and modes of collecting incoming data streams are seemingly the 2 infinities.  The everything. And, the way you perceive it.  Sure, you can continue to see, ‘the same thing’, but for all intents and purposes, you are always perceiving things differently.

Simply put:  Everyone ‘has’ ‘multiple personality disorder.’   However, it isn’t a disorder.

This gets into the naming of energy.  As a child learns language they have a way of concreting an energy packet into what they describe as a ‘thing’ or ‘object’.  This is why you can give a child an item that they are unaware of the name of, and they conceive of it’s ‘use’ as something other than you may know it as.  Until a child knows a toaster is a toaster, it may be a spaceship that spits out hot rockets of crispy disks.  You know it as toaster and toast.

The act of naming something, immediately puts a ‘spell’ on energy.  It forms and fashions a pattern of energy into a separate and singular, thus divided entity.

Now, I’m not suggesting that this doesn’t have its uses, as it surely does.  Language happens to be a capacitor or resistor that limits function of energy.  Until someone uses something different, it maintains a certain identification.  One way to change that patterning of energy is to change the spell, or the name. It is also the quickest.

There was an interesting experiment done, where people put on other uniforms or clothes – for instance, a garbage man would put on a white doctors coat… and if by some magical influence they immediately became ‘smarter’ or more like the doctor.  I won’t get into energy signatures of clothing, as it would change the idea, and if I recall correctly the clothes weren’t actually worn by someone else, it was just the outfit – so no residual ‘doctor’ energy was ‘attached’.

What am I suggesting?  Change your own spell.  Your ‘name’ was ‘given’ or labeled onto you.  It was attached to you by someone else, so you are under the dominion of whoever gave it to you.  Makes sense that just about everyone has mommy/daddy issues.  If it is your name, you should be able to change it, whenever you like. Why not put a spell on yourself?  People stay busy, adjusting everything else they own – new cars, houses, clothes to wear, or they read books and watch movies or ingest music and food to alter their feelings and thoughts.  Why not adjust the self proclaimed Icon of your image that is cast into the world as soon as you participate in it?  Companies re-brand themselves all the time, why not re-brand yourself?  I have a slew of ideas why the attachment, but lets forget about why you maintain the same strains through the names you have claimed in vein.

Adjust, alter, change, grow, become…. whatever it is that serves you and those around you better.


might add to this later, but i hope this serves you all well for now!